Tactical Training Center

Learn new skills, practice those previously acquired, or challenge your skills with special courses, events, and competitions.

Law Enforcement Only Courses Available

Addressing the needs and concerns of those in Law Enforcement, we have courses designed just for you.

Member Only Tactical Range

It's the perfect place to practice those real world skills that traditional indoor ranges ban... rapid fire, drawing from your holster, shooting from multiple positions and angles... just to name a few.

Urban Tactical Training Environments

Enjoy totally unique urban tactical training environments for pistols and rifles.

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Facility Features

An entire facility dedicated to real world skill development.

Training Courses

How you train is how you'll practice...and how you practice is how you'll respond!

"Pardon Our Dust" Savings

Join during construction for HUGE savings and immediate benefits.

Real World Training

Available Training Courses

Greater Cincinnati's first and only Tactical Training Center provides a unique combination of real world defensive skill courses and realistic practice environments for both civilians and the law enforcement community.

Real World Practice

Realistic Practice Environments    

Unlike traditional gun ranges, that limit you to shooting stationary targets, from a stationary position... not to mention prohibiting rapid fire, drawing from your holster, and shooting from any position not standing or in any direction not directly in front of you...we encourage the development and practice of the full spectrum of real world defensive shooting skills.

Real World Response

How you train is how you'll practice...and how you practice is how you'll respond!  As such, getting high quality, personalized instruction is the first step.  Practicing those skills until you've built the necessary muscle memory and confidence must follow however.  Our unique Tactical Training Center helps you with both!

About Our Instructors

Davina Eccard - Owner

Although growing up in rural areas, hunting with her father and grandfather, she did not own her own firearm until many years later, when she found herself a newly divorced, single woman living in the urban core. Deciding to take charge of her own personal defense, she formally began her firearms training in 2006. Over the years she trained extensively to grow her own skill set, later becoming an instructor, and eventually launching TIG in 2012. In addition to her NRA Instructor status across multiple disciplines, she holds credentials from the University of Cincinnati, Boston University, and George Washington University and is a respected, active member of the small business community.

Davina works to create a local community that encourages, educates, and empowers everyone to be their own best personal defense. As Greater Cincinnati’s first female instructor offering Female Only Firearms courses, she has helped numerous women become comfortable and confident in the handling and carrying of a firearm.  By creating a relaxed, non-judgmental environment where new shooters can ask questions, try out new skills, and receive personalized recommendations, students frequently tell us that her patient instruction made the difference in them qualifying to carry a firearm and actually feeling confident enough to do so!

Bo Sabrowsky - Staff Instructor, Firearms

Bo Sabrowsky has spent many years acquiring his advanced defensive pistol skills, training with highly regarded instructors across the Midwest. In addition to being an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, Bo has focused hundreds of hours on advanced skills including Reality Based Scenario Training (Force on Force), Building Clearing, Working In/Around Vehicles, Extensive Low Light/No Light Flashlight Training, Shooting While Moving Under Physical Stress, Active Shooter Training, Extreme Close Quarters Gun Fighting, and Defensive Knife Techniques. Bo became one of the Lead Instructors for T.I.G. in 2014, and immediately began contributing his knowledge and skills to the broad spectrum of classes offered by T.I.G.


Jon Blanke - Staff Instructor, Firearms

Jon Blanke is a combat veteran who served with the United States Marine Corps. He has trained extensively with rifles, pistols, knives, and improvised weaponry.  His marine combat training included urban combat, building clearing, and special weapons systems.  As a civilian, he has continued his training pursuits.  Jon is a NRA Certified Pistol and Rifle Instructor.  Jon joined T.I.G. as an instructor in 2013. His high energy and passion for all things firearm and training related is highly infectious. Always the first to roll up his sleeves and get dirty with his students, his hands-on style makes your training immediately applicable, intuitive, and enjoyable.


Jason Spurling - Staff Instructor, Firearms

Jason Spurling first began his firearms training with T.I.G. in 2012. Drawn to T.I.G.'s personal coaching style, he went on to complete extensive defensive pistol and rifle training, as well as various other defensive techniques, with us.  Jason is a NRA Certified Pistol and Rifle Instructor and when he's not teaching courses for T.I.G., he's assisting our staff instructors with a variety of firearms courses.  He helps ensure our students receive the consistently high quality training they have come to expect from all of our courses. 


Valerie Blanke - Staff Instructor, Firearms

Valerie Blanke first began her firearms training with T.I.G. in 2014. Initially just interested in checking gun training off her bucket list, she ultimately went on to complete extensive defensive pistol and rifle training with us.  She later became an assistant for TIG's Female Only Courses, helping other women gain the confidence to defend themselves.  Valerie is a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.  In addition to teaching regularly scheduled firearms courses, she is available for private instruction for women looking to improve their skills and confidence in a highly personalized, and personable, setting. 


Nick Peterson - Staff Instructor, Law Enforcement Liaison

Nick Peterson is an active duty law enforcement officer and a State of Ohio Firearms Instructor for multiple disciplines.  Nick has been teaching firearms skills since 2008. He assisted with writing the State Curriculum for Solo Officer Response to Active Threats and holds OPOTA’s Instructional Skills certification. Nick joined T.I.G. as a staff instructor in 2015.  In addition to leading several of our Law Enforcement Courses, he continues to help us raise the bar on law enforcement and civilian training standards.


Burt Roberts - Staff Instructor, Law Enforcement Liaison

Burt Roberts is an retired law enforcement officer, with fifteen years experience as SWAT Team Leader, and is a current instructor with a local police academy.  In addition to serving his local community through law enforcement, he had the honor and privilege of serving his country as a member of the United States Air Force.  As well as being a State of Ohio Firearms Instructor, he also holds a State of Ohio Adult Education Training Certificate.  Burt joined T.I.G. as a staff instructor in 2014. Like all of our instructors, his personable coaching style is welcomed by those that have been exposed to some of the area’s “it’s our way or the highway” style instructors.  


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