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Now Accepting Applications for Range Membership

Join us during construction to take advantage of HUGE discounts and to lock in special, low annual rates for five full years!

Law Enforcement Courses

Addressing the needs and concerns of those in Law Enforcement, we have specialty courses designed just for you.

Tactical Pistol Series

Move beyond the basics and acquire the advanced skills vital for anyone who carries or owns a firearm for defense.

Tactical Rifle Series

Whether you are looking to get proficient with a rifle or are ready to acquire more advanced skills such as Shooting on the Move, Shooting to Cover, and Weapon Transitions, we have the course for you.

Emergency Medicine

Develop the skills, techniques, and attitude needed to successfully perform life saving measures in an emergency.

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Training for when your life depends on it!
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Private Instruction

Perfect for learning the basics of pistol shooting or improving your marksmanship and defensive skills.

Target Acquisition Wkshop

Students will perform basic and advanced drawing techniques from various positions to enhance their target acquisition skills.

Vehicle / Night Fire Tactics

We're pleased to announce the latest in TIG's Law Enforcement Series. Please check the list of courses for the civilian equivalent.

Concealed Carry Course

When: Year Round
Time: 8am-5pm (with an hour break for lunch)
Cost: $150 SPECIAL $112.50
Class Size: 10 Student Limit

HOLIDAY SAVINGS: Book your spot in any 2016 Concealed Carry Course before Christmas and save 25%!


We do Concealed Carry training different than most instructors.  While ours is always led by certified instructors, and meets the State of Ohio Concealed Handgun Permit pre-application education requirements, we spend a significant amount of time focusing on real world skills...and significantly more time than most getting you comfortable with your firearm!  While the State of Ohio only requires two hours of range time, we spend up to six hours on the range practicing potentially lifesaving skills and thinking through various real world scenarios! 

This course continually reinforces firearm safety, guides you through both dry fire and live fire drills carefully chosen to help you layer on critical skills, provides you with individualized coaching, and prepares you for more advanced training. You will leave with a solid understanding of the use of your personal firearm, as well as a personalized recommendation for additional training and practice drills to help you meet your defense goals.

We make use of classroom instruction, skill development drills on the range, individualized coaching, and extensive Reality Based Scenario Training to ensure student understanding and practical application ability is achieved in a concise time period. We also spend a significant amount of time ensuring you understand the legal responsibilities associated with defending yourself or a loved one with your firearm.


Topics include:
• Safety Briefing and Orientation
• Review Shooting Fundamentals
• Proper Holster Technique from Open
• Techniques for Proper Draw When Concealed
• Overview of Malfunction Clearing
• Rapid Reloading of Your Handgun
• Permit Application Process
• Concealed Carry Laws
• Qualifying Exam

Please Note: We take the safety of those who train with us very seriously. To ensure everyone has a safe and productive training session, strict safety standards are enforced. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

What you will need to bring:
• Your Handgun
• Belt Worn Holster (and any other holster you think you may use for daily carry)
• 2 (or more) Magazines
• Belt Worn Magazine Pouch or Holster
• 200 Rounds of Ammunition
• Hearing and Eye Protection
• Various Cover Garments You Routinely Wear (Sweatshirts, Jackets, Coats, etc.)


Available Dates
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