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Upcoming Special Events

Join us for special two hour workshops that are a great way to ease into advanced training or practice previously acquired skills.

Tactical Pistol Series

Move beyond the basics and acquire the advanced skills vital for anyone who carries or owns a firearm for defense.

Close Quarters Survival Series

Equip yourself with easy and effective unarmed and armed self defense skills that apply to a variety of everyday situations.

Tactical Rifle Series

Whether you are looking to get proficient with a rifle or are ready to acquire more advanced skills such as Shooting on the Move, Shooting to Cover, and Weapon Transitions, we have the course for you.

Emergency Medicine

Develop the skills, techniques, and attitude needed to successfully perform life saving measures in an emergency.

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Training for when your life depends on it!
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Private Instruction

Perfect for learning the basics of pistol shooting or improving your marksmanship and defensive skills.

Target Acquisition Wkshop

Students will perform basic and advanced drawing techniques from various positions to enhance their target acquisition skills.

Vehicle / Night Fire Tactics

We're pleased to announce the latest in TIG's Law Enforcement Series. Please check the list of courses for the civilian equivalent.

Concealed Carry Course

When: Year Round
Time: 8am-5pm (with an hour break for lunch)
Cost: $150.00  $99 Special
Class Size: 16 Student Limit


We have proudly earned the reputation as the tri-state's most advanced concealed carry course, built on realistic, practical skills critical to anyone who owns or carries a handgun for self defense.  Whether you are considering purchasing a firearm, or already have one as part of your defense plans, we will educate you on your rights and options.  We will equip you with the tools and techniques best suited to you and your situation.  We understand that people come to us for a variety of reasons, so we will work with you to determine the best training plan for you to meet your personal, family, and home defense goals. 

We make use of classroom instruction, skill development drills on the range, individualized coaching, and extensive Reality Based Scenario Training to ensure student understanding and practical application ability is achieved in a concise time period.  We also spend a significant amount of time ensuring you understand the legal responsibilities associated with defending yourself or a loved one with your firearm.

Led by certified instructors, this class meets the State of Ohio Concealed Handgun Permit pre-application education requirements in a convenient single day format.  This course also meets the requirements for the Florida Non-Resident License.  Kentucky and Indiana residents may use our certificate for the Florida Non-Resident License application process.


Topics include:
• Handgun Safety
• Handgun Components and Operation
• Shooting Fundamentals
• Range Safety
• Situational Awareness and Having the Proper Mindset
• Real World Shooting Considerations
• What Really Happens in a Violent Encounter
• Basic Drawing Technique and Gun Retention
• Why Your Pistol Is NOT Your First Line of Defense
• Qualifying Range Drills
• Reality Based Scenario Training
• Permit Application Process
• Concealed Carry Laws
• Qualifying Exam


What you will need to bring:
• Handgun
• 100 Rounds of Ammunition
• Hearing and Eye Protection
• Notepad and Pen


Available Dates
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