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Tactical Training Center

Learn new skills, practice those previously acquired, or challenge your skills with special courses, events, and competitions.

Law Enforcement Only Courses Available

Addressing the needs and concerns of those in Law Enforcement, we have courses designed just for you.

Member Only Tactical Range

It's the perfect place to practice those real world skills that traditional indoor ranges ban... rapid fire, drawing from your holster, shooting from multiple positions and angles... just to name a few.

Urban Tactical Training Environments

Enjoy totally unique urban tactical training environments for pistols and rifles.

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Facility Features

An entire facility dedicated to real world skill development.

Training Courses

How you train is how you'll practice...and how you practice is how you'll respond!

"Pardon Our Dust" Savings

Join during construction for HUGE savings and immediate benefits.

Real World Training

Available Training Courses

Greater Cincinnati's first and only Tactical Training Center provides a unique combination of real world defensive skill courses and realistic practice environments for both civilians and the law enforcement community.

Real World Practice

Realistic Practice Environments    

Unlike traditional gun ranges, that limit you to shooting stationary targets, from a stationary position... not to mention prohibiting rapid fire, drawing from your holster, and shooting from any position not standing or in any direction not directly in front of you...we encourage the development and practice of the full spectrum of real world defensive shooting skills.

Real World Response

How you train is how you'll practice...and how you practice is how you'll respond!  As such, getting high quality, personalized instruction is the first step.  Practicing those skills until you've built the necessary muscle memory and confidence must follow however.  Our unique Tactical Training Center helps you with both!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call you with questions?

  • Of course! While we aren't in the office at all times, you are more than welcome to try to reach us via phone at 513-579-1405. Should we be busy with students or members, or away from the office, simply leave us a message and we'll return your call as soon as possible.
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Where are you located?

  • We are conveniently located with easy access from the entire tri-state area. Located in Cleves, OH, we are approximately 20 minutes west of Cincinnati, just off of I-74, near the I-275 exchange.  We can be found via most search engine map programs by name.  Our address is 6111 Morgan Rd., Cleves, OH 45002, should you wish to map us directly.
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What are your hours and is your range open to the public?

  •  We are open everyday from 10am - dusk.  During these times, members may come out and utilize the range as often (and for as long) as they'd like.  We are also available by appointment for prospective member tours.  Private instruction is by appointment only.  All scheduled courses require pre-registration.    
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Why should I consider an Early Bird Membership?

  • Those that become members while we’re still in the construction phase receive many benefits such as:
    • Open Range Days for access to our private Tactical Range along with other members
    • Invitations to Free or Deeply Discounted Special Events and Workshops
    • 25% OFF discount on training for all skill levels
    • Lock in a super low rate for a full three years!
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What kind of a range are you?

  • We are a Privately Owned Tactical Training Company and Shooting Facility. At the completion of various phases of construction, we will have a multitude of pistol shooting areas, at various distances (Close Quarters areas, 25 yards, 50 yards, and personal practical pits of 30+ feet). We will also have a 100 yard tactical rifle range, several 50yd+ multi-use ranges, as well as other training features.
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Why is this range different from other ranges?

  • Unlike traditional gun ranges, we encourage you to practice the drawing of your firearms, as well as other real life skills such as reloading techniques, overcoming malfunctions, incorporating movement with your shooting, etc. We have special shooting pits for you to practice these skills in a safe manner...and unlike other gun ranges, we won’t yell at you for conducting Rapid Fire!
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What features and benefits can I expect at the completion of all phases of construction?

  • Anticipated Features and Benefits at the Completion of all Phases of Construction include:
    • Gated, Private Access
    • Family Friendly Environment 
    • Access to Youth Programs and Family Events
    • Real World Training Environments
    • Reactionary Steel Target Shooting Pits
    • Private Practical Shooting Pits
    • All Season Shelters
    • Firearm Rentals
    • Discounts on Tactical and Defensive Training Courses for All Skill Levels
    • Onsite Pro Shop for Ammunition, Gear, and Supplies
    • Membership Lounge and Patio Areas
    • Wifi Access
    • Special Events
      • Fun Shoot Leagues
      • Friendly Shooting Matches and Games
      • Realistic Style Competition Matches
      • Private Coaching Sessions
      • Seminars
      • Workshops
      • Picnics and Holiday Gatherings
      • Steel Challenges
      • Youth Balloon Shoots
      • Dueling Tree Competitions
      • Individual and Team Competitions
      • Singles Night Social Events
      • Date Night Social Events
      • Girls Night Out / Hell on Heels Events
      • Poker Shoots
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Can Anyone Be a Member??

  • No person under indictment, charged with, or convicted of a felony or any offense involving the trafficking in drugs, violence, or negligent assault is permitted to utilize the range or attend any event. Eligibility for membership shall not be based on ground of sex, color or national origin. We welcome all law abiding citizens wishing to take control of their own personal defense. Every adult (18+) member must attend a four hour orientation and qualification course, in which they must pass an evaluation before being “signed off” by a certified instructor.
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Are you open to the public?

  • We feel that everyone has a right to defend themselves so our Training Courses are open to the public. Due to the freedom we allow our range members, we need to ensure that everyone operates in a safe manner. Therefore, we require that everyone who utilizes our range, except when part of public courses and events, to go through a training and qualification course first.
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Do you offer any discounts?

  • We proudly offer all Honorably Discharged Military Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, and First Responders 50% off membership dues for either membership level. (Valid ID, or DD214 as proof of Honorable Discharge, required at Orientation.)  More information and coupon codes can be found here.
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Do you have family memberships?

  • Yes...Family Memberships extend benefits to all members of your immediate household.
  • Each adult family member is required to complete the qualification process prior to their range utilization.
  • Teens and older children are welcome to accompany their Member parent or legal guardian to the range. 
  • Family friendly shooting events, geared towards those with younger children in the home will be offered periodically.
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Do you offer Guest Passes?

  • Since we’re unlike other ranges, in that we encourage the practice of actual self defense shooting, we need to maintain a very high standard of safety. Every member must complete a qualification course before they can utilize the range unescorted. Unfortunately, this makes it impossible to offer guest passes. 0
  • We occasionally offer a variety of Public Events, in which non-members may participate.
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I’m new to firearms. This seems intimidating. Is this a place for me?

  • We have training courses and facility features for all skill levels. Every new member receives standard training on the fundamentals, prior to accessing the facility, and our staff are all certified instructors, or those working towards their certification.  We are all here to help you, so feel free to ask questions at any time.  Oh, and don't foget your membership gets you huge discounts on training classes!  So, regardless of what skill level you're starting at...or want to acheive...we can help get you there!
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I have never shot before. Do I need to take a class before becoming a member?

  • We definitely suggest that you be comfortable handling your firearm, prior to becoming a member.  However, we certainly welcome new shooters!  Part of the process in becoming a member is taking a 4 hour course in which our instructors will teach you how to properly draw and fire your weapon, how to reload in a tactical environment, and how to clear malfunctions.  We will also cover range protocol and etiquette so that you know what you need to know, in order to begin utilizing the range on your own.
  • If you aren't yet comfortable with your firearm, or are looking for a bit of instruction before diving in, we do offer Beginner Pistol Courses, as well as private instruction, to ensure you have a solid foundation of the basics and before progressing on to more advanced courses or unguided range usage.
  • Regardless of your current skill and comfort level, we always encourage ongoing education and training, in order to enhance proficiency and safety. That's why your membership includes huge discounts on training courses for all skill levels.
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I live 2 hours away. Does it make sense for me to be a member?

  • Yes! Our facility is truly unique and, as such, we have some folks who periodically make weekend trips into town. They use their member discounts to come out to train with us and then spend the extra time utilizing the facility on their own and enjoying all our city has to offer. It makes for a great weekend get-away!
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Do you have a dress code?

  • We don’t have a dress code, however, we recommend that you wear closed-toed footwear and shirts that aren’t low cut to avoid getting burned by spent shell casings. Proper eye and ear protection is required to be worn at all times while on the range.
  • We host several optional events, such as our Ladies’ “Hell on Heels” Shoots, which call for specific attire and/or gear, which may have specific dress codes or recommendations. As always, please be sure to review and comply with all Range Rules.
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Am I allowed to take videos and/or photographs while at the range?

  • You can take photographs and videos ONLY of yourself and members of your party. We take the privacy of our members very seriously. Under no circumstances can you take photographs or videos of another, without their expressed written consent. Please be sure to review and comply with all Range Rules.
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How do I join? What’s my next step?

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Is your website secure?

  • Yes, we’ve gone above and beyond to make sure that our website is safe and secure. Have no fear when filling out the Membership Application. All form data is encrypted and securely transfered. Credit card information is directly transfered to Merchant Service Provider and is never accessible to T.I.G. personnel. We take the privacy of our team and our members very seriously.
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Can I get a refund or reschedule a course I am registered for?

  • Cancellation requests made 3 days or less following the registration of a scheduled course, and more than a week prior to the scheduled course, will be given a full refund using the original payment method. Cancellation requests made 4 to 14 days following the registration of a scheduled course, and more than a week prior to the scheduled course, are subject to a 25% administration fee. Cancellation requests made more than 15 days following the registration of a scheduled course are not eligible for a refund.
  • Reschedule requests will be honored until 7 days prior to your scheduled class, so long as the same course has already been scheduled for a future date and has availability. Requests made less than 7 days prior to your scheduled course date will be at management's discretion.
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Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

  • Unfortunately, memberships are not transferrable. Each member must individually qualify.
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