Tactical Training Center

Learn new skills, practice those previously acquired, or challenge your skills with special courses, events, and competitions.

Law Enforcement Only Courses Available

Addressing the needs and concerns of those in Law Enforcement, we have courses designed just for you.

Member Only Tactical Range

It's the perfect place to practice those real world skills that traditional indoor ranges ban... rapid fire, drawing from your holster, shooting from multiple positions and angles... just to name a few.

Urban Tactical Training Environments

Enjoy totally unique urban tactical training environments for pistols and rifles.

Brought to you by Tactical Intelligence Group

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Facility Features

An entire facility dedicated to real world skill development.

Training Courses

How you train is how you'll practice...and how you practice is how you'll respond!

"Pardon Our Dust" Savings

Join during construction for HUGE savings and immediate benefits.

Real World Training

Available Training Courses

Greater Cincinnati's first and only Tactical Training Center provides a unique combination of real world defensive skill courses and realistic practice environments for both civilians and the law enforcement community.

Real World Practice

Realistic Practice Environments    

Unlike traditional gun ranges, that limit you to shooting stationary targets, from a stationary position... not to mention prohibiting rapid fire, drawing from your holster, and shooting from any position not standing or in any direction not directly in front of you...we encourage the development and practice of the full spectrum of real world defensive shooting skills.

Real World Response

How you train is how you'll practice...and how you practice is how you'll respond!  As such, getting high quality, personalized instruction is the first step.  Practicing those skills until you've built the necessary muscle memory and confidence must follow however.  Our unique Tactical Training Center helps you with both!

Ready to lock in your discounted membership rate and start training?

Membership Benefits

As the saying goes, "membership has its privileges"...and that is no exception here! When you join us as a member, especially during early construction, the benefits really pile up!

Instant Membership Benefits:

  • Four Hour Introductory Training Course
  • Unlimited Range Use
  • 25% Discount on Training Courses for All Skill Levels
  • Train and Practice with Other Fully Vetted Members
  • Lock in Your Rate for Three Years!

Each adult (18+) member receives training on the foundational skills our tactical range is designed to encourage the development of.  Each then receives a personal evaluation by a certified T.I.G. Instructor, prior to their independent use of the facility. This ensures the highest level of safety for you and your family!

Annual dues help cover the cost of ongoing communication with our members, site maintanence, ongoing site upgrades and improvements, and costs associated with hosting member and specialty events, helping to ensure that many are free or only nominally priced.  

Family memberships extend  membership privileges to your entire household.  Each adult member (18+) will need to schedule their course and evaluation individually.  Upon successful completion of the application process, children 17 and under in your household may accompany a member parent or legal guardian to the range.

Join before Phase 1's construction is complete to lock-in deeply discounted membership rates for a full three years!

Annual Membership Dues

  • Pardon Our Dust Locked in Rate for Single Members is currently ONLY $35/Month! 
  • Upgrade to a Family Membership and Include All Members of Your Household for an Additional $10/Month.

Special Events and Range Already Open to Early Members Prior to Phase 1 Completion


Huge Discounts for Military (Active Duty, Reservists, and Honorably Discharged) and First Responders


Antipicated Phase Schedule (Construction Schedule and Features Subject to Change)

  • Phase 1 - Approaching Completion
    • Multi Station Practical Pit with Reactionary Steel Targets (OPEN)
    • 10-Station Practical Pit with Paper Target Stands (OPEN)
    • 5-Station 70yd Temporary Rifle Pit (OPEN)
    • Three Private Practical Pits for Individual or Family Use (OPEN)
  • Phase 2 - Anticipated Ground Breaking Spring 2017
    • Permanent Rifle Pit with 75yd, 100yd, and 125yd Target Zones
    • Clubhouse and Pro Shop
  • Phase 3 - Anticipated Ground Breaking Spring 2018
    • Urban Tactical Environment
    • Military Style Obstacle Course

Ready to lock in your discounted membership rate and start training?

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